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Institutional Assessment Information

Fall Retention 2007-2012

The retention of new students for the first year has been increasing since 2007. This is most likely a result of more focused recruitment efforts aimed at appropriate applicants for our programs.
The number of withdrawals each year ranges from approximately 1-3 students. Reasons for withdrawal include financial hardship, family or personal health, relocation, and change of career goals. We have found no discernible pattern for withdrawals based on race/ethnicity, gender, or academic performance.

Note: The data in these charts do NOT include CPDP, Credential, or any non-degree students.

The table above presents the average time to completion for each of the degree programs. The averages are consistent with program expectations for students.

*On Time = Average time to complete each program (adjusted for MFT Spring Enrollment)

When looking at actual versus average time to graduation for all students, based on their program’s average time to completion (see table, above), just over 88% of students finish early, on time, or within one semester of the average.

Fall 2012 Enrollment Information

Fall 2012 Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity

Fall 2012 Enrollment Ethnicity

Program by Gender/Ethnicity

Institutional Student Learning Outcomes

Institutional Goal 1: Knowledge
Student Learning Outcomes:
1.1 Articulate and value historical foundations of their profession.
1.2 Evaluate and analyze specific professional situations to determine application of legal and ethical standards       
1.3 Synthesize key concepts, theories, research, and multicultural models related to their profession.

Institutional Goal 2: Skills
Student Learning Outcomes:
2.1 Employ appropriate assessment methods in their profession.
2.2 Design and implement intervention plans for diverse populations.
2.3 Communicate effectively in professional activities.
2.4 Analyze and apply research related to their profession.

Institutional Goal 3: Professionalism (Conduct)
Student Learning Outcomes:
3.1 Demonstrate professional conduct that adheres to discipline’s code of ethics and legal guidelines.
3.2 Exhibit skills that facilitate lifelong learning.
3.3 Practice and display awareness of one’s impact on others in professional activities.

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