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Phillips Graduate Institute PresidentAs our country begins to rebound from the great recession, we have all been called upon to make adjustments in our lives. Phillips Graduate Institute is no exception. Our response to economic hardship however, can be met with fear or with optimism. Your decision to attend Phillips Graduate Institute indicates your optimism in the future. We share that optimism. Studies show that demand for individuals trained in mental health fields is expected to increase, and as a result so will career opportunities. That is encouraging news in a time when unemployment in California is at its highest.

We have been doing quite a bit of work to prepare for our future. During the past year we have conducted an environmental scan to learn more about economic, educational, social and demographic trends, and the impact these trends will have on our future. We are using the information, along with feedback from students, faculty, alumni and community partners to develop a set of strategic priorities that will guide our work. What is certain is that Phillips Graduate Institute has a bright future and we welcome you as part of it.

Phillips Graduate Institute is building on its reputation for training well-qualified practitioners. We are doing the work to position Phillips for a regional, national and international presence. By building community partnerships, attracting quality students and faculty, we are preparing ourselves to be recognized as the leader in delivering creative and innovative responses to the challenges individuals, families, organizations and communities face. The education and training you receive at Phillips prepares you to connect theory and practice in meaningful ways. As a result, you become among the best prepared practitioners in the country.

We are expanding our reach and are attracting students from around the world who are interested in studying with faculty and students who are on the cutting edge of building and enhancing relationships for individuals, couples, families and organizations. We are looking at ways to better use technology to deliver educational content and to connect our students and faculty regardless of their physical location.

Committed to diversity and the needs of diverse communities, we will turn our attention toward eliminating mental health disparities in the most vulnerable communities. Our graduates are taking what they learn at Phillips back into the world by responding to the crisis in Darfur, the devastation in Haiti and to the challenges that have been created by the economic crisis in our own backyard.

We have an exciting opportunity to leave our imprint on the world. We look forward to your joining us in the journey.

My warmest regards,

Phillips Graduate Institute President Signature
Dr. Yolanda J. Gorman, President

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