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School Psychology, M.A./PPS - Curriculum

Overview, Admission Requirements, Curriculum

School Psychology, M.A./PPS


Our school psychologist graduate program provides the foundation for a career in school psychology in the public school system. School psychologists provide various services, including consultation to teachers, parents and school systems; psychoeducational assessments and diagnosis of specific learning and behavior disabilities; classroom and behavior management; interfacing with community agencies; parent education; program development and evaluation; prevention and early intervention related to school failure; prevention and intervention in the area of child mental health; and research and grant writing. The following curriculum will prepare students to meet these various professional activities:
(64.00 units)

First Semester

Course Number Course Name # of Units
SP600 Foundations of School Psychology (3.00 unit)
SP601 Development Psychology (3.00 unit)
SP604A School Psychology Pratice I (1.00 unit)
SP613 Diversity Lab-I (3.00 unit)

Second Semester

Course Number Course Name # of Units
SP602 Learning and Education Psychology (2.00 unit)
SP604B School Psychology Practicum II (1.00 unit)
SP606 The Exceptional Child (3.00 unit)
SP619 Diversity Lab-II (3.00 unit)

Third Semester

Course Number Course Name # of Units
SP603 Research Desigh and Statistics (3.00 unit)
SP604C School Psychology Practicum III (1.00 unit)
SP605 Counseling Skills (2.00 unit)

Fourth Semester

Course Number Course Name # of Units
SP604D School Psychology Practicum IV (1.00 unit)
SP608 Issues in Special Education (3.00 unit)
SP610 Psychological Assessment Intelligence (3.00 unit)
SP611 Psychological Assessment Lab (1.00 unit)
SP614 Group Counseling Skills (2.00 unit)

Fifth Semester

Course Number Course Name # of Units
SP604E School Psychology Practicum V (1.00 unit)
SP612 Child and Adolescent Psychopathology (2.00 unit)
SP616 Psycho-Educational Assessment (3.00 unit)
SP617 Psychological Assessment Lab (1.00 unit)

Sixth Semester

Course Number Course Name # of Units
SP604F School Psychology Practicum VI (1.00 unit)
SP607 Program Design, Development and Evaluation (2.00 unit)
SP620 Consultation and Systems Change (3.00 unit)

Seventh Semester

Course Number Course Name # of Units
SP618 Behavioral Management Strategies (2.00 unit)
SP622 Internship in School Psychology I (5.00 unit)
SP623 Professional Seminar (1.00 unit)

Eighth Semester

Course Number Course Name # of Units
SP624 Internship in School Psychology II (5.00 unit)
SP625 Professional Seminar II (1.00 unit)
SP626 Psychopharmacology (2.00 unit)

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