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Organizational Management and Consulting Doctoral (PsyD) Program - Admission Requirements

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Organizational Management and Consulting Doctoral (PsyD) Program

  • Prerequisite coursework: 12 units of social sciences at a letter grade of "B" or higher successfully completed at the undergraduate or graduate level.  Completion of an earned bachelor’s degree from a regionally-accredited college or university with a minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average (CGPA)*

  • Demonstration of English proficiency may be required

  • Completion of Phillips Graduate Institute Admissions Application Packet (See Admission Application Process)

  • Admissions interview with Organizational Management and Consulting Department Chair or their designee

  • Please refer to the Student Services section of this catalog for details on admissions policies and procedures.

To demonstrate writing proficiency, a writing sample is required during the interview process. Based on the results of the written sample, the applicant may be required to successfully complete a writing skills course at their own expense during the summer before admission.

Please refer to the Student Services section for details on admissions policies and procedures.

*Note: A Grade Point Average Exemption Petition may allow admission for applicants who do not meet the minimum Cumulative GPA requirement

Entry Options

Students enter the program in the fall semester only.

Please call the Admissions Office at (818) 386-5660 for dates and class schedules.

Field Studies

There are two opportunities for students to apply the coursework to consulting experience: Practicum in Consultation and Field-Based Consultancy. Through the Practicum in Consultation courses, students have the opportunity to observe and participate in projects conducted by consultants or by OMC faculty members in their own consulting practices. Through the Field-Based Consulting courses, students receive expanded learning opportunities by working directly with organizational clients. Additionally, program courses provide students with the tools needed to build a successful consulting practice, including Organizational Assessment and Career Development.

Students can secure their Field Studies site in one of three ways: (a) identify a site on their own; (b) request/receive assistance from program faculty; or (c) an organization approaches the Organizational Management and Consulting program faculty to request help with organizational issues.

Faculty Advisement

Students will be assigned an academic advisor at the beginning of their first semester of enrollment. Students are required to meet with their advisor early in each semester until completion of their degree. The faculty values and welcomes open communication with students.

Academic Proficiency

Any student receiving a grade of B- or below in a course must retake the course, demonstrating sufficient mastery of the course content. Retaking a course may delay program completion and graduation. The student must meet with their academic advisor to discuss the impact of repeating a course on program completion. The original grade received in the course as well as the grade received upon retaking the course are averaged into the student’s cumulative grade point average.

Requirements for Degree Completion

The degree is posted three times yearly: on the last day of December, May and August. All of the following requirements must be met prior to degree posting:
  • Completion of all 96 units of core courses with an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher

  • Successful completion and defense of portfolio or dissertation project to project committee

  • Provision to the PGI Library of a copy of the portfolio or dissertation project ready for binding

  • Intent to Graduate form on file with the Registrar Office one semester prior to the date when a student expects to meet all graduation requirements

  • Payment in full of all financial obligations to Phillips Graduate Institute

  • Return of all Library materials

  • Completion of an exit interview with the Financial Aid Department (Financial Aid recipients only

  • Provision to the Library of a copy of the doctoral portfolio/dissertation ready for binding

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