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Organizational Management and Consulting Doctoral (PsyD) Program - Los Angeles - Overview

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Organizational Management and Consulting Doctoral (PsyD) Program - Los Angeles

Mission Statement

To develop effective and ethical organizational managers and consultants by providing meaningful classroom, field and independent learning experiences, and the tools to become a lifelong learner.

About the Program

Phillips Graduate Institute's Organizational Management and Consulting (OMC) Program is designed to enhance the personal and professional skills of consultants, managers, and leaders. Organizations, large and small, for-profit, non-profit, and government are increasingly engaging talented people with behavioral science and business pragmatic education and training to address a wide range of human systems-related issues in the workplace. In this program, students participate in an interdisciplinary curriculum that combines academic instruction, hands-on application, and personal and professional development.

Students acquire the management and consulting expertise, leadership skills, and critical business perspectives needed to enhance their careers and make a significant impact at the individual, group, and
organizational level.

By synthesizing theories of organizational behavior and contemporary business practices, our dynamic Organizational Management Consulting doctoral program prepares students to assist organizations with strategy and leadership development, problem solving, team building, and change management.

The Organizational Management and Consulting Program is designed around four related competency areas:

  • Self-Assessment and Development (professional values and ethics, life-long learning, and individual and professional accountability).
  • Knowledge (organizational behavior, business pragmatics for corporate, nonprofit structure/processes/products, legal issues and organizational responsibility.
  • Mediating/Process Competencies (communication, critical thinking, systems thinking, and strategic thinking).
  • Operational Competencies (organizational assessment, intervention, program evaluation, and collaborative/team-oriented behavior).

Our graduates are knowledgeable in concepts and theories of diversity, strategic planning and organizational change, communications, action research, entrepreneurship, and leadership. They are able to assess, analyze, develop, and implement creative solutions, and to be agents of change for individual contributors, teams, and organizations.

Program Schedule

Our PsyD in Organizational Management and Consulting is a 96-unit program taken over 2 ½ yrs in 8 consecutive semesters (including summers). Courses are taught on Saturdays from 8am-5pm and occasional Wednesdays from 6pm-9pm.

Career Paths

Graduates are prepared to work with organizations in the following areas:
  • Organizational development
  • Strategic planning
  • Leadership development
  • Executive coaching
  • Organizational communication
  • Program development and evaluation
  • Nonprofit board development
  • Training and development
  • Team building and performance enhancement

Program Goals and Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)

Program Goal 1: Understanding of theories, concepts and research findings related to Organizational Management and Consulting.

Student Learning Outcomes:
1.1 Explain major concepts and theories in organizational management and consulting.
1.2 Evaluate the relevance of organizational theories and concepts to specific situation.
1.3 Analyze published research related to organizational management and consulting.
1.4 Propose, design and conduct research related to consulting in diverse organizations.

Program Goal 2: Use of appropriate methods for assessment, intervention and evaluation in Organizational Management and Consulting.

Student Leaning Outcomes:
2.1 Employ assessment tools in diverse organizations.
2.2 Develop, implement, and evaluate interventions in diverse organizations.

Program Goal 3: Application of ethical and legal practices in business and in Organizational Management and Consulting.

Student Learning Outcomes:
3.1 Explain ethical and legal business principles that pertain to consulting in diverse organizations.
3.2 Practice ethical and legal organizational management and consulting consistent with established standards.

Program Goal 4: Communication with organizations.

Student Learning Outcome:

4.1 Communicate effectively with diverse organization stakeholders in written and oral formats.

Organization Consulting Degree Program - Organization Leadership Degree Program

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