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Trainee & Intern Testimonials

Trainee and Intern Testimonials about their experiences at Phillips Graduate Institute Counseling Center (formerly CalFam)       

"CalFam counselors receive high praise from professionals in the field, and CalFam has a reputation for developing excellent clinicians who are ready to meet the many challenges of being a mental health professional. The training and supervision that you receive as a trainee and intern at CalFam is superior. It is exactly the professional experience that will provide you with the knowledge and self-assurance needed to pass your BBS written exams." - Kristin Tepelmann, M.A., MFT

"CalFam personalizes the training process. The warmth, knowledge, experience and support create a comfortable and stimulating environment. It becomes a second home."- Susan Choueke, M.A., MFT

"We wouldn't even know the interns are still interns. They are so well trained."- Maria Villasenor, Principal, Winnetka Elementary School

“Choosing a traineeship or internship can be a grueling process. Even deciding what criteria to use in order to make a decision can be a brain-jammer. That said, once I connected with CalFam through their brochures, website, representatives and, most importantly, enthusiastic reviews by colleagues, CalFam became my first choice.  Here's why:

  • Training.
    Nearly every week, Phillips Graduate Institute Counseling Center interns receive training by seasoned professionals from a wide range of therapeutic niches, such as eating disorders, couples counseling, substance abuse, emotional regulation, sex addiction, teens and tweens, grief and loss and suicide assessment. Interns are asked for training suggestions, pertinent to their areas of interest.

  • Paperwork.
    Because who doesn't want more paperwork?!? Seriously, whether the future is private practice, DMH or a Counseling Center, therapists need to know how to properly handle assessment, notes, recordkeeping, and treatment plans. Phillips Graduate Institute Counseling Center teaches trainees and interns the legal and ethical ropes in terms of client file management.

  • Support.
    Phillips Graduate Institute is a great place to have an emergency. Not that anyone wants to have an emergency, but if it's going to happen (and it does, trust me), Phillips Graduate Institute Counseling Center is an excellent place to receive support- for client and therapist-through supervisors, staff and colleagues. Even in calmer times, Phillips Graduate Institute Counseling Center provides a positive, encouraging and professional environment.

  • Career Building.
    Through community outreach opportunities and intern-led community workshops, Phillips Graduate Institute Counseling Center launches budding therapists into the not-as-scary-as-you-might-think world of self-promotion.

  • Clients.
    At Phillips Graduate Institute Counseling Center, clients come from a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds with an equally wide range of presenting issues. This provides interns and trainees with a remarkable breadth and depth of therapeutic experience working with individuals, couples, families and groups.

Ultimately Phillips Graduate Institute Counseling Center was the right choice, for all the reasons above.  But there's another element that isn't as easy to quantify. In the midst of the training, the clinical supervision and the paperwork, Phillips Graduate Institute Counseling Center keeps sight of its greater purpose: that is, to make the world a little better, happier, and more richly experienced, one client-and one therapist-at a time.” - Suzanna Luna Ferron, April 2011

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